Wednesday, October 5, 2011


"There's a Book" review– 

"The illustrations are fantastic, so it’s easy to see how they would be drawn to each of the characters... it’s nice to see a picture book with beautiful illustrations that are still a little spooky, but not frightening. Little Goblins Ten was yet another Pamela Jane hit in our home and I’m positive it will continue to may even catch a child or two mouthing the words right along with you. This is the perfect book for the spooky Halloween season with little ones who look forward to not only the candy, but the chance to be excited about counting and cackling like a witch!”

"The Road to Here" review – I could tell you what a wonderful book this is and how much I enjoyed it but for a proper review I needed a child. So I borrowed my neighbor's four year old granddaughter for a reading.  

As I read the story she laughed and giggled and pointed at the pictures of the ghost and goblins and assorted creatures. One each page she counted, all the way to ten at the end. When I finished she said, "Read it again." So I did! This time around she acted out each of the characters. From a witch child's cackle to a ghostly boo and even a bat's swoop. You really should have seen her zombie "stare".

This is a colorful fun filled book for young children. The illustrations are delightful and the characters are spooky cute. I definitely recommend this book for any child you know.

"Colloquium" Review –

"I can't think of a better way to prepare for that evening of tricks and treats, than by reading Little Goblins Ten, a delightful romp through a magical forest inhabited by monsters, skeletons, werewolves, mummies, zombies, and even a few witches.  It is not only a charming tale about mommies teaching their beastie offspring how to behave on Halloween, it is a great way to teach your own little monsters to count to ten!  The illustrations are adorable, perfectly complementing the clever rhyme."

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