Thursday, October 20, 2011

In the Hands of Our Readers

As children's book authors we get so caught up, first in creating our books, then in submitting, revising, and marketing them that we sometimes forget the best part – getting them into the hands of our readers!

When I wrote my first book NOELLE OF THE NUTCRACKER, illustrated by Jan Brett, I truly did forget or perhaps I never fully realized that one day children would read the book and bring to it their own imaginations, stories, and dreams.  I had been so immersed, first in writing it, and then in the euphoria of having it published, that I didn't think about the kids.  Then I got my first fan letter from a little girl in Chicago.  "I liked your book because it made me happy," she wrote.  "Thank you for writing this book." (What a review!  Children not only make great readers, they are the best reviewers.)

A friend recently sent the photo above of her God-son reading my new Halloween book, LITTLE GOBLINS TEN.  I love seeing it in his hands, where it belongs.  And if he wants to review it, that's fine by me too.

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