Friday, March 18, 2011

Just the Words

       We're proud of the books we write, but at a recent school visit, I discovered that maybe it's not that impressive a thing after all.  After all, it's just words.
My Power Point slide show was over.  The lights in the school auditorium came back on.   The kids stretched their legs.  I turned off the projector, and glanced at the clock.  It had been only been a half hour but I was still under the spell of the past evoked by my slides – the ballet doll my Aunt Ruth sent me for Christmas that inspired my first children's book, the farm house in Bucks County where I began to write it, the beautiful cover of Noelle of the Nutcracker
It was time for questions and answers.
 “Does your hand get tired when you color?” asked a little girl in blue leggings sitting in the front row.
 “Well, actually I don’t draw the pictures for my books,” said, with a smile.
Another hand shots up.
“Do you glue the covers on?” 
I shook my head.
The kids looked puzzled. 
Finally a boy in the second row raised his hand. 
“What exactly do you do?”
All the kids looked at me, waiting.
“I just do the writing,” I said.   “Just the words.”
“Just the words?”  He looked incredulous.
I nod.
Just the words.

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  1. Those moments can be humbling, but the pen is still mightier than the sword even if we don't color the pictures or glue on the covers.