Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kids Ask the Greatest Questions

Recently, A VAMPIRE IS COMING TO DINNER! 10 RULES TO FOLLOW was reviewed on and I was asked twenty questions by a three-year-old (who had just a little help from his mom!)  The questions were great and so much fun.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Do you use crayons or paint?
Crayons. I love the way they smell.

I thought vampires were mean, the one in your book isn’t. Why?
In A VAMPIRE IS COMING TO DINNER, the illustrator and I are having fun with the vampire, so he isn’t a mean one. In fact, you might end up feeling a little sorry for him at the end when he just wants to take a nap!

Did your dad ever blow anything up at your house?
My dad was a scientist, but as far as I know he never blew anything up at our house or at his laboratory either. He did discover a medicine called Polymyxin, however (Neosporin) but he only got $1.00 for this discovery which is why I’m not hugely rich.

How come the kid in the book seems to play a lot of tricks on the vampire?
The boy in the book is afraid of the Vampire so he wants to outwit him. He thinks if he plays tricks on the Vampire, the Vampire won’t hurt him. Of course, the Vampire is really quite friendly.

Are you writing another book?
I have a new book coming out next year called LITTLE GOBLINS TEN, illustrated by Jane Manning (Harper). And I’m writing a book now that is a little bit scary – for teenagers!

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