Friday, September 3, 2010

Do a Blog tour, Go on Vacation and wear Comfy Clothes all at the Same Time!

One of the benefits of a blog tour is that you don't have to leave home (or change  out of your comfortable clothes) right?  But recently, when my family and I took a long-awaited trip to visit old friends in Ashland, Oregon, I actually got to meet reviewer Marya Jansen-Gruber, the editor of Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Review in person at her lovely home in Ashland.  It was just a coincidence that after she'd agreed to review my book on her website, I discovered she lived in Ashland.  So I got to go on vacation, meet a wonderful children's book reviewer, personally hand her a copy of my new book, and wear comfortable clothes all at the same time.  That's the kind of blog tour I can go for!  You can read Marya's review of A VAMPIRE IS COMING TO DINNER! at

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