Wednesday, March 24, 2010

School Visits

School visits can be many things – exhilarating and inspiring come to mind.  But they are, above all, just plain fun.  It's not only that you, the author, get the opportunity to share so much of your life and creative process with your readers, but that they share so much with you – their projects, dreams, plans, hopes and disappointments.  Even, as in the case of a recent visit to Don Gill Elementary School in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania – a cake for one of your characters, Winky Blue, the lovable but mischievous parakeet in my six-book series published by Mondo Publishing.

I hope to write many more books about the adventures of Rosie and her parakeet, Winky Blue.  And I hope to have many more school visits to share with the students my books and stories (but not too much more cake.)

To read all about my Winky Blue books, visit my website.

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